Backache is a common disease which over 90% of people experience one or more times in their lives. Its causes are various and it is caused most frequently by damaged muscles or ligaments around the vertebrae due to poor posture or lifting something heavy incorrectly. This program provides active treatments including correction and exercise therapy as well as acupuncture and herbal remedy.
Type Item Frequency
Laboratory Medicine Blood test
X-ray, MRI
1 time
1 time-if necessary
Herbal Remedy Prescription of herbal remedy following examination For 7-10 days
Main Treatment Acupuncture 3 times/week
Axillary Treatment Chuna manual therapy,physical therapy 1-2 times/week-if necessary
Other Exercise therapy and education on life style 3 times/week
  • Outpatient : 2 weeks to a month according to pain
  • Inpatient : 7 days