A health examination focusing on what seems to be abnormal and additionally includes CT and echocargiography of an area where a patient wants to detect a risk factor or a physical change. - 1,200,000 won (takes 8 hours)

Western Medicine +
By interview and exam for body measuring, Diagnosis and examination (test of the feces, blood, urine), Pulmonary function test, Eye test, Audiogram, Physical factors examination, Dental examination, Load test of the heart (male), Cardiography, Chest X-ray, Ultrasonography, Brest mamogram (female), Abdominal X-ray, Image endoscope or UGI series, Diagnostic consultation, Examination of autonomic nerve's balance, assessment

Oriental Medicine +
Live blood test, Sasang Constitution, Stress examination, Examination of autonomic nerve's balance, DITI, Maekjin, Diagnostic consultation

CT Echocardiography

  • After consultation with a doctor based on the patient's condition, necessary examinations can be arranged.
  • Patients can receive free acupuncture, moxibustion and other Oriental Medicine treatments after the examination.
  • If a patient wants to take Oriental Medication, it is prescribed at a 30% discount.
  • Thyroid, abdominal, breast (female) and prostate (male) ultrasound are performed without any additional charge.
  • If a patient wants to undergo conscious sedation endoscopy, it is conducted without any additional charge.
  • Tests other than those mentioned or biopsy will be billed an exra charge.