My name is Kim Young-Gyun who got inaugurated as the 5th President of the Traditional Asian medicine hospital attached to the Dong-Eui University.

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Kim Im-Sik, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Dong-Eui Foundation and Kang Chang-Seok, the Chancellor of the Dong-Eui University, who delegated me with this immensely important mission as the President of the traditional Asian medicine hospital whereas I have miles to go and I am far from perfection.
Moreover, my deepest gratitude goes to the distinguished guests including Kim In-Do, Director of the Dong-Eui Foundation School, Park Tae-Sook, the Chairperson of the Busan's Association of Traditional Asian Medicine Doctors, Lee Chung-Yeop, the Dean of the Dong-Eui University, Kim Jong-Seong, Commissioner of the Dong-Eui Medical Center among many others, from both in and out of Korea. Moreover, I would like to thank the Dong-Eui family members who are here today to celebrate the promotion of their colleague.

Our Dong-Eui Medical Center, which offers both Western and Asian medicine services, is now entering into the 17th year of its establishment based on the spirit of the humility in agreement, which is the principle of establishment with the full-fledged support and sponsoring of its founder, Kim Im-Sik, the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Until now, our hospital contributed significantly to the public sanitation sector in this region by engaging in patient centered medical service and by implementing activities that actively sought to satisfy customers in order to meet the expectation level of the Busan residents despite many obstacles. Accordingly, we are now trusted by the residents who continue to shower us with incessant interest.
As the only traditional Asian medicine hospital affiliated with a university in this region, our hospital is recognized as a medical institution where effective and accurate diagnosis and treatment, education and creative research co-exist.
In particular, the cooperation between the Western and Asian medicines is consolidating its position as our inherent clinical level competence of the new format, and we take pride in serving as the standard model for the cooperation between the Western and Asian medicine segments for other hospitals as well.
These achievements would not have been possible without the incessant effort of the Dong-Eui Medical Center professionals, both from the doctors, nurses and the administrative workers.

Toda, the Korean medical community is faced with the need to survive due to the economic crisis that is afflicting not only Korea, but rest of the world. Given this harsh reality, medical institutions are racing ahead, making all imaginable types of efforts while enduring fierce competition.
Despite this environment, however, all the departments at the Dong-Eui Medical Center became one to provide patient focused medical service. As a result, we were selected as the best medical institution in Busan and Southern Gyeongsang Province in a study conducted last year.

Now that I am to continue on this legacy of excellence as the President of the traditional Asian medicine hospital, it is only natural for me to feel both the excitement as well as strong sense of responsibility. I am concerned whether I may damage the extensive achievements realized by President Ahn Cham-Beom and Park Dong-Il, the Dean of the Dong-eui University College of Oriental Medicine, who left a deep impression in the Korean traditional Asian medicine community and who laid down the foundation for our hospital since its establishment, but I also feel immense sense of mission and drive to lead the hospital to take off to the 2nd growth stage by capitalizing on the past achievements.

To fulfill the mission that is delegated to me, I will lead the hospital in a way that it will continue to diligently carry out the three objectives of a medical center attached to a university, which are diagnosis/treatment, research and education.

As for the patient diagnosis/treatment, we promise you that we will treat each and every patient with kindness, compassion and devotion by capitalizing our already excellent cadre of medical professionals, and superb medical equipments.
With the firm conviction that caring for the detail, seemingly minor issues is the way to earn the respect of the residents and the regional community, we will make utmost effort to build a hospital that is trusted and comforting.

Moreover, we will ally with the Dong-eui University College of Oriental Medicine to continue to conduct research in order to vitalize clinical study and to establish more scientific clinical system. We are convinced that a hospital with outstanding research performance will serve as the foundation that can offer more in-depth diagnosis and that will serve as the milestone for the advancement of the Dong-Eui Medical Center along with scholastic advancement.

And we will try our best to play out our role and function as a structured educational institution that cultivates outstanding experts to the fullest by leveraging our training expertise.
We will continue to race ahead to offer the best training so that the Dong-Eui Medical Center alumni can be cultivated as the medical professionals with diverse experiences and outstanding qualities, more so than any other hospital in Korea.

Distinguished Dong-Eui family members. This era demands incessant change along with the new paradigm. Future will give birth to the societies that are led by creativity. Let's boldly discard any old practice that does not suit the era, and to create a workplace that is filled with pride and fulfillment with passion and vitality.
I will be expecting your unsparing feedback as well as warm encouragement from you, and I will try my best to become the President who can approach you with open mindset at all times.

Distinguished guests, from both in and out of Korea. I am convinced that the trust towards the Dong-Eui Medical Center will increase as our effort gets accumulated.
Please keep vigil on how we work, and we implore you for your advice and encouragement.

Lastly, I would like to thank my predecessor, President Ahn Cham-Beom who is resigning from his position as of today, for all his efforts, and I wish happiness and health for the family members of all the distinguished members who are here today.
Thank you.

[Inauguration Speech of the President of the Oriental Medicine Hospital]