Thank you for visiting Dong Eui Medical Center (DEMC).

Since 1990, June, we have accomplished and developed as a Western/ Oriental Hospital with the highest standards through the best treatment system with a purpose of 'national health improvement by harmony of Western and Oriental medicare' integrating General Dong-eui Hospital and Dong-eui university Oriental Hospital which provides the excellent doctors and medical equipments from the pleasant environment.

DEMC has been estimated it's excellence by the result of taking first place in 'Inspection of Medical institution Brand recognition in Pusan' in 2003 after putting efforts in purpose of being the hospital that has high qualified medical service and patient-centralization.

Further more, we are taking the lead in nation with Seoul National university hospital, Samsung Seoul hospital, Seoul Asan hospital and YUHS which represent the best medical treatment system in Korea through an interchange of active treatment and research.

After the completion of cardiovascular center at the end of 2007, we will keep striving to maintain and develop the utmost quality in patient care representing Pusan and Kyung-nam.

We promise to make endless efforts of research and improvement of service to provide professional treatment promoting the quality of medicare as well as training employees to heighten the merit of client's needs.

Thank you.