With the aim of ‘National Health Improvement Based on the Harmony with Western and Oriental Medicine’, Dong-eui Hospital and Oriental Medicine Hospital of Dong-eui University was opened as Dong-eui Medical Center in June 1990. With top-quality medical staff, state-of-the-art medical equipments and facilities, a combined medical treatment system of western and oriental medicine, and best medical service, it has steadily developed into a national topranking hospital providing a combined system of western and oriental medicine for patients. In 2003, SBNC performed a general marketing assessment on national hospitals and clinics, and according to ‘Brand Recognition Survey on Medical Institutions in Busan’, it was assessed as an ‘Excellent Hospital’ in the area of Western Medicine Service and was in the ‘First Rank’ in the area of Oriental Medicine Service.

Dong-eui Medical Center makes a close medical cooperation system with other leading hospitals in Korea, such as Seoul National University Hospital, Samsung Medical Center, Asan Medical Center, and Severance Hospital, etc, so as to contribute to the furtherance of advanced medical service in this region and provide the best medical examination and treatment for patients. In addition to Cerebrovascular Center, Western-Oriental Medicine Cooperation Center, Endoscopy Center, health promotion center, and Stroke Prevent Health Examination Center, it opened Cardio Vascular Center and Joint Center in 2008. So, Dong-eui Medical Center could gain ground as a specialized top-ranking medical institution in Busan, Gyeongnam Province.

Dong-eui Medical Center will undertake to continue Western-Oriental medical research, improve the quality of local medical service, and become a patientoriented hospital that can provide the greatest satisfaction for all patients, with the motto of ‘Kindness, Service, and Unity’