It is the medical checkup for women before and after of menopause in their 40's and 50's.
For adaptation to rapid physical changes in the climacteric period and a sound health in old age, we examine the current state of health through oriental tests and medical treatment regardless of whether to have disease currently, and give a diagnosis in association with co-operative treatment after conducting basic western tests.
In addition, it aims at having a sound health in old age by doing a comprehensive care accustomed to individuals, which includes current health problems and their measures and life guide for preventing potential disease through sasang constitution test and personal medical history test.
  • Those Who Usually have Pent-Up Anger Sickness: The Thin-skinned, Those Who are Easily Angry or Emotionally Unstable
  • Those Who are Vulnerable to Stress
  • Those Who are Usually Weak, Overwork And Have Problems In Digestive System For Long Term
  • Those Who have Disease Such as Joint or Adult Disease
  • Those Who have Suffered from Postpartum Illness
  • Those Who want to Check Their State of Health After Middle Age
  • Those Who have Suffered from Physical Symptoms by Unclear Cause for Long Term