we are equipped with cooperative system leading both a scientific research activity on its prevention and treatment and a development of its treatment therapy, as well as spacious rehabilitation care center and comfortable hospital facilities.
with customer satisfaction-oriented service mind, we will become your 'Health Assistant.'
  • Register by outpatient or make an appointment via phone (☎ +82-51-850-8944)
  • Consult with Doctor Specialized in Palsy.
  • Complete the Application for Palsy Prevention Checkup and Questionnaire.
  • Have a Medical Checkup through State-of-the-Art Western and Oriental Medical Equipment.
    (※ Refer to the test items of the palsy prevention checkup office)
  • Give a Notice on Test Results One Week Later.
  • Consult the Results with Medical Specialist and Find out Post Prevention and Treatment Measures.
※ The Day before the Checkup
  • Have a dinner prior to 9 pm and fast after then.
  • Overeating or excessive fatigue before checkup disturbs the precise examination.
  • Have an enough sleep. (Drinking is never allowed the day before the checkup)
  • Stop taking all kinds of medicine for three days. (except for blood pressure and heart medicines)
※ The Day of the Checkup
Such things as water, medicine, cigarette or coffee are prohibited including breakfast. But light exercising or brushing teeth is ok. Please come in the most comfortable clothes and do not wear accessories (ring, watch, necklace, etc.).