We, as the University Oriental Hospital, Will do Our Best to Prevent Palsy (Stroke) by means of Palsy Prevention Checkup Program, which uses a full of Clinic Experiences and State-of-the-Art Diagnosis System, and Help you keep Your Health and Happiness.
Palsy is the Disease bringing out Neurological Symptoms such as Paraplegia, Mental Disorder and Speech Disturbance as Cerebrovascular is Stuffy or Bursting. It marks the no.1 Leading cause of Death among Unit Organs in Korea and keeps Increasing.
Recently, It has Broken out even in 30's and 40's due to Changes in Diet and Severe Stress.

It is suddenly developed, but for sure there is a cause accumulated for long period. Thus if we know the cause of palsy, we can prevent it. Once it is developed, it shows a high mortality and remains sequel for the whole life, giving mental and material burden to family and neighborhood as well as patients. Because it is developed by causes of constitutional factors and precedent disease, we can prevent it by caring those causes very carefully.