If You made an Appointment for Medical Checkup, Please follow Instructions below for more Exact Test Result.
  • Have a Slight Meal for Dinner before 8pm.
  • Fast after 9pm and avoid Drinking Water and even Medicine you usually take.
  • Have Enough Sleep in the Comfortable State.
  • Excessive Drinking and Extreme Fatigue will Disturb the test.
  • Please be in Your Appointment Time.
  • Total Hours for Checkup are Approximately 3 Hours.
  • Do not have anything such as Water, Cigarette and Gum including Breakfast of course.
  • Light Exercising or Brushing Your Teeth is ok.
  • Bring Your Condition Check List, Feces Container, Glasses or Contact Lens and Hearing aid.
  • Prior To Medical Checkup, You Will Hear The Explanation Over Examination And Diagnosis By Medical Specialist.

  • ※ If you are currently taking a blood pressure medicine, please take it with a gulp of water for gastroscope test.
Visit the Center Again 5 Days Later.
We will then provide a Comprehensive Health Consultation along with Your Medical Checkup Results.
Basic Test : male - KRW 250,000 / female - KRW 300,000
※ It is subject to change upon selective tests.
Inquiries : +82-51-850-8591, 8592