Dong Eui Medical Center is Modern Building with One floor below and Ten above the ground on the area of 27,055.74m2, where includes General Hospital (461 beds) and Oriental Hospital (180 beds). It is the Heartland of General Medicine Harmonized with Western and Oriental.

 Area : 51,180.2 m2
 Building Area : 27,055.74 m2
 Floors : One floor blew and ten above the ground
 Parking Space : Enough for 377 cars
Floor Description
10F #11 ward, medical herb boiling room, oriental medicine test room
9F #91 ward, #92 ward
8F #81 ward, #82 ward
7F #71 ward, operation room, delivery room, recovery room, newborn infant room, western and oriental medicine office, grand auditorium
6F #61 ward, #62 ward, President room, hospital director room, oriental hospital director room, planning & coordination officer room, nursing division, planning team, general affairs team, administration team, accounting team, insurance review team, medical information room, Mirakjeong
5F #51 ward, #52 ward, waiting room for intensive care guardian, exchange room
4F #41 ward, Intensive care unit, health promotion center, general medical checkup office, room for endoscope, central supply room, IT team, medical appliances shop, library
3F Western care room for outpatient, central test room, receipt for outpatient, social service room, medical treatment support center
2F Oriental care room for outpatient, rehabilitation center, radiology division, emergency medicine, receipt for emergency room, receipt for outpatient
1F Pharmacy, customer support team for western medicine, customer support team for oriental medicine, western and oriental cooperative treatment consulting room, treatment room for foreigner, GNC store, oriental pharmacy, injection room, convenience store
Basement Restaurant, nutrition care service, electric generation room, medical information room